Veenhuis Premium Integral 16000 Slurry Tanker

By Yesmods

Feb 24 2020 - 09:40

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New FarmingSimulator 19 mod: The Veenhuis Premium Integral 16000 Slurry Tanker, remodeledand modified by CSS196.

This slurrytanker mod resembles one of the smallest, real-world Premium line tankers fromthe Dutch manufacturer Veenhuis. You can add a filling boom to it and changethe colors of the rims.

The packincludes two customized Samson injectors:

FS19 Veenhuis Premium Integral 16000 Mod Specs

Version – Workswith Manure System

(UpdatedMarch 13, 2020) CSS’Veenhuis tanker is one of the first mods outside the official modhub that workswith Wopster’s manure system.

You will,of course, have to install the Wopster mods to make the most out of the newversion…

The Veenhuis is one of the first mods to make use of Wopster’s Manure System mod.

Version –Adjustable Tire Pressure

(UpdatedMarch 22, 2020) Anew version of the Veenhuis slurry tank is available. The latest version usesWopster’s tire pressure script. You can now lower or raise the amount of airinside the wheels.

This ishow you use the script in the game:

The new version lets you adjust the wheel's air pressure.

Where to Download

If you want to use this Veenhuis slurry spreader, you need to visit Sharemods, which is the modder’s choice for file hosting. The blue button opens the download page.

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