Grimme SL 80-22 Quantum with Autoload

By Yesmods

Mar 17 2019 - 04:13

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Now, we want to tell you about the Grimme SL80-22 Quantum autoload conveyor mod for Farming Simulator 19. If you don’t mind cheating (just a little), this mod is perfectwhen you have a lot of material on the ground, like manure or sugar beets, thatneed to get into trailers for transportation.

It’s quiteeasy to operate. You just move it to whatever pile you have lying on theground. Try to place the hopper as close to the pileas possible. Now, when you turn on the conveyor belt, it picks up the materialnearby.

Protip: The hopper needs to be close to the pile. You may have to adjust itsposition several times when filling a trailer, for example.

Ok – Here are some facts:

Yes, it’s cheating. But we have moved so much manure with front loaders and buckets over the years that we really can appreciate a mod like this one.

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