Wopster’s Manure System Looks Mighty Impressive

Wopster is the genius behind the Guidance Steering mod. He has also contributed to the Seasons 19 mod. And now, he’s working on something that will make fans of realistic gameplay in Farming Simulator 19 happy.

Slurry is Gold

Slurry, or liquid manure, is an essential byproduct for a lot of real-world farmers. It helps keep soil preparation costs down. Instead of buying expensive fertilizer products, the farmer can use the much more cost-effective slurry to make the soil more fertile.

Real-life slurry handling involves a lot of hoses and pumps. So far, this has not been a thing in FS19. But soon, thanks to Wopster, it might be possible to connect the pieces manually to get the slurry flowing in the game too.

FS19 Manure System

Wopster is working on a mod that will require a much more hands-on approach (literally) to getting the slurry from the pits into the ground. The mod lets you use hoses and pumps, but not only that. To make it work, you have to connect the various pieces, slurry spreaders included, often by hand.

I believe the mod is a further development of the Hose System addon Wopster released for Farming Simulator 17.

This fresh video is an excellent demonstration of how incredible this FS19 mod already is:

No words on if and when the Manure System mod will be released. You can follow Wopster on Facebook for updates.

Image credits: Wopster on Facebook.

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