Top 10+ Recommended Farming Simulator 19 Mods

By Yesmods

Jul 08 2019 - 12:14

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(Updated December 31, 2019) I've made a longer version of this post with the best Farming Simulator 19 mods so far. You can read it here.

Each player has its own play style. Still, some mods will enhance the Farming Simulator 19 experience for most. Are you new to FS19? Here’s our list of suggested mods that will help you get more out of the game.

(Remember to check out all the Farming Simulator 19 mods I've tested here…)

(Sorryconsole players – Most of these mods are only available on PC due to Sony andMicrosoft restrictions.)

1. Courseplay

This isAI workers on steroids. Courseplay will help you automate most tasks on your digital farm, beit plowing, sowing, harvesting, or selling your crops at the selling points.Some might ask what Courseplay can do. It’s almost easier to answer thequestion about what it can’t do for you.

The FS19 version is still in Beta. On this page, you can read how you can download the latest version. And when you’re ready, you can start watching tutorials on YouTube on how to use it. Oh, and here’s a vast collection of FS17 Courseplay tutorials. Most apply to the FS19 version.

2. Follow Me

TheFollow Me mod by Decker_MMIV is a time saver. It lets you have one or more vehicles followyours. You can use it to get a lot of machinery from A to B. You can also useit during harvests or when you want to speed up field work, for example byrunning more machinery in the fields.

Using it isalmost like putting a train together. You take the lead in your vehicle. Thenyour chosen vehicles follow automatically.

You can decide how far between each vehicle should be. You can also offset the following vehicles. This mod is available in the in-game modhub. You can read more about it here.

3. Guidance Steering (GPS)

This isthe closest you get to a real-life GPS steering system in Farming Simulator 19. Made by the talented Wopster, itallows you to do precision field work in FS19. It all boils down to setting Aand B points. Then the script will create millimeter-precise courses for you.

The script is still in beta. Some functions are not installed yet. Here’s how to install and use this mod.

4. Vehicle Inspector

Eventually,you’ll start using AI workers in Farming Simulator 19. Sometimes you’ll be onone part of the map while your digital helpers work somewhere else. Wouldn’tit be nice to see how they’re doing without tabbing or traveling?

Cue the Vehicle Inspector mod. It displays the activity and status of all vehicles that have engines running. It will also alarm you when something is wrong. On this page, you’ll learn more about it.

5. Enhanced Vehicle

Want morerealism in Farming Simulator 19? The Enhanced Vehicle script adds a lot ofgoodies to your vehicles. This is some of the stuff you get with this mod:

Want to know more? Head over to this page filled with instructions and download choices.

6. QuickCamera

A handy mod, especially if you are playing Farming Simulator 19 using a steering wheel or the keyboard. It will let you perform fast peeks left, right, or to the behind of you. It also adds an extra camera to the AI worker’s vehicles, allowing for some really cool views of the machinery.

The mod can be downloaded from the in-game modhub. Click here for more info.

7. Display for ToolPosition

A lot ofplayers like the realism of playing mostly with the in-cab camera activated (wedo…) This can create challenges when using front loaders, wheel loaders,telehandlers and so on, like where is the bucket at? There’s no way (unfortunately)to lean forward to determine the position of the bucket or the fork.

This beautiful mod solves the issue by displaying how far above the ground the tool is, and at what angle. It’s a must-have for loader fans like ourselves. It’s available for download through the in-game modhub. You can read more about it here.

8. Disable Vehicle CameraCollision

Usually,the in-game camera will “crash” into buildings and other obstaclesmaking the view jumpy. This mod cancels the collision detection of the cameras,giving you smooth viewing experience.

Download from the in-game modhub and read more about it here.

9. Government Subsidy

Need moremoney in FS19? You can a) ask the bank to provide you with aloan, or b) let the government subsidy your farming efforts (likeit is many places around the globe…)

Just put the sign on your land and watch the money roll in… Available from the in-game Modhub.

10. Production Mods

Productionmods make Farming Simulator 19 even more exciting. Most of the stuff you often buy, like seeds,fertilizer, and lime, can be manufactured. It will be cheaper in the long runif you can make the stuff yourself. Here are some great production mods foryou:

Also, here’s a fermenting silo plant and an industrial grass dryer.

11. Place Anywhere

The ‘Buildyour farm’ feature of Farming Simulator 19 is neat. But it can befrustrating placing objects where you want to. Most in-game objects have whatare called collisions. The game engine reads these as impenetrable wallsmaking it impossible to walk through closed doors. Or driving straight throughwalls. Great.

Those collisions can cause trouble when you try to place an object close to another. The Place Anywhere mod removes much of these restrictions. So, yeah – the mod sure makes it possible to put down stuff almost anywhere… Click here to read more and download.

(Normally,fiddling with in-game collisions spells trouble. But we have not encounteredany kinds of problems after using the mod for several months now.)

Bonus mods: Manual Cuttingand Measure Help

If you’re into forestry, there a couple of mods you should try out. The first one, Manual Cutting for Harvesters, overrides the automatic log cutting in forest harvesters like the Ponsse and the Komatsu. Instead of cutting up logs automatically the harvesters now wait for your input. This makes it much easier to control the final placement of the log pile. (Read more.)

The other one, the Measure Help mod, makes cutting logs by hand, using a chainsaw, more precise. Instead of guessing the length of each log, you can get an accurate measurement by using the mod. Click here to read more.

Your Turn

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