Man TGS 41.500 & Man TGS 26.500 Hook-Lift Trucks

By Yesmods

Apr 05 2020 - 09:41

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Updated Farming Simulator 19 mod: The Man TGS 41.500 and Man TGS 26.500 hook-lift trucks, modded by PM-Modding.

I’ve made a combined presentation of these two Man, hook-lift trucks. Let’s start with the biggest one:

Man TGS 41.500 8x8 with Hook-lift

This truck is supposed to be used with hook-lift applications. Note: Because of its size, it works best with the ITRunner mod pack made by Giants. Other similar-sized implements work great, as well.

Here are the specs:

Man TGS 26.500 6x6 with Hook-lift

This truck is also a hook-lift truck. It’s smaller than the TGS 41.500, even when it comes to what fits on the frame.

Note: Because of the smaller size, you’ll be better off using the ITRunner pack made by Agrartechnik Nordeifel.

And now, the specifications:

Version – Several Fixes

(Updated April 3, 2020) Both Man trucks have just been updated. Here are the changes:

The updated TGS 41.500 has new features.

Download Info

Both Man hook-lift trucks are inside the official modhub. If you’re on a PC or a Mac, you can also download them from the FS website. Here are the links:

This mod is an official Modhub mod. Please, do the modder a favor and only download it from the in-game hub or from its official mod page on

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