Smyth Twin Axle Super Cube Trailer

Farming Simulator 19 mod showcase: The Smyth, twin axle, Super Cube trailer, created by Lunchbox.

Here you have a magnificent FS19 replica of the real-world double axle silage trailer, which used to come out of the Smyth Trailers plant in Garryhill, Ireland. 4D Modding has done an outstanding job making the game version look very much like the real thing.

Super Cube In-Game Features

You can select the capacity for your Smyth trailer. One version can haul 28,000 liters.

This is the 28,000 liter version.

Then, there’s one version that loads 33,850 liters, thanks to the extended walls.

This one carries 33,850 liters. Notice the extended walls.

Wheels – You have several buyable wheel configurations, from brands like Trelleborg and Michelin. There are standard sized wheels and wider versions available.

Design – Your trailer can have a toolbox beneath the dump box. You can also add country-specific license plates to the rear of the trailer.

Tip Options

The Smyth Super Cube add-on has selectable tip options. Its connection hoses and cables will attach to the tractor pulling it.

There’s also a rear trailer hitch, making it possible to create a road train if you want.

You can make a road train if you’re tractor has the power to pull it.

FS19 Smyth Super Cube Mod Specs

The Smyth trailer is another fantastic FS19 addon from 4D modding. The trailer is an excellent example of modding brilliance.

  • Brand: Smyth Trailers.
  • Credits: 4D Modding.
  • Category: Trailers.
  • Base price: 24,500.
  • Capacity: 28,000 liters or 33,850 liters.
  • Accepted: Most of the FS 19 solids.
  • Tip options: You can unload through the rear door or the grain door.
  • Selectable colors: Yes.
  • Selectable wheels: Yes.
  • Wheel brands: Lizard, Nokian, Trelleborg, and Michelin.
  • Extra rear hitch: Yes.
  • Errors: No.
  • Platforms: PC and Mac.

No errors. But the trailer did some minor wobbling in the shop, without affecting the actual gameplay, though.

Where to Download

4D Modding has created a release post on Facebook for the trailer. Look for the download link at the bottom of it. And be sure to read the download instruction carefully.

Smyth Supercube Update V1.0.1.0- Fixed rear trailer hitch- Fixed glitch with wear map- Added collision to rear…

Posted by 4D Modding on Saturday, February 1, 2020

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