Close up of the International Harvest C-Series tractor mod for Farming Simulator 19

International Harvester C Series Tractors (955 XL-1056 XL)

Farming Simulator 19 mod presentation: The International Harvester C Series Tractors (from 955 XL to 1056 XL), modified by the FBM Team. You’ll find the download instructions further down on this page.

Looking for a great farm tractor? Or perhaps a centerpiece for your small-scale farm? Then I urge you to take a closer look at this magnificent mod pack from the Forbidden Mods team.

Side Note: Did you know that it was Porsche that developed the XL cabins for the B, C, and D series IH tractors?

International Harvester 1056 XL tractor pulling a Kuhn twin rotor rake

So Many Tire Options

One of the great things about this version of the IH tractors is the customization options. Because there is a lot to configure. Here are some of the stuff you can change, add, or remove.

  • Wheel options – A lot of tire setups are available, from single care wheels (narrow) to broad duals.
  • Additional objects – You can add roof lights, beacon lights, front loader attachers to your tractor. And you can put a fuel can inside the cab…
  • Color options – There are a few colorization possibilities for the body, the rims, and the front loader attacher.

One cool thing about the colors is that you can choose a used or a restored look. The restored color looks more vibrant, fresher.

Two versions of the IH C series tractors in different color variations - Used and restored

Different front options.

Two of the front options with the International Harvester C-Series mod (weights and 3-point hitch/PTO)

Custom Front Loaders

The IH tractors can be equipped with a custom made, Stoll Robust F30 front loader. It’s basically a modified base game Stoll, with lots of added goodies. You can download it from the Forbidden Mods website.

There is also a pack of various, modified attachments available, which suits the F30 front loader perfectly. You can download it from here.

IH C-Series 1056 XL tractor using a Stoll Robust F30 front loader to transport manure

FS 19 International Harvester C Series

The IH C-family tractors are top-notch mods. One of my favorite features is the custom audio, which is really good. Try revving the tractors to max, and you get a brutal, audible experience. Here is the most essential info about this mod:

  • Brand: International Harvester Company.
  • Credits: FS 19: Forbidden-Mods (FBM-Bremi456, FBM-Dani86, Butters/BTS) – FS 17: Oszillator, and KretersIsland.
  • Category: Small Tractors.
  • Base price: 27,850.
  • Engine configurations: 4 – 955 XL, 956 XL Ergo-S, 1055 XL, 1056 XL Ergo-S.
  • Power range: 90, 95, 105, and 110 horsepower.
  • Top speed: 38 Kilometers per hour | 24 Miles per hour.
  • Selectable colors: Yes, some.
  • Selectable wheels: Yes.
  • Wheel brands: Trelleborg, Mitas, and Michelin.
  • Front loader attacher: Yes, including the Stoll F30 attacher.
  • Errors: No.
  • Platforms: PC and Mac.
The driver's perspective of an IH C-Series tractor

Where to Download

The International Harvester C Series tractors are officially hosted at Workupload. Just press the blue button to open the download page.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.

Close up of an International Harvester 1056 XL tractor, with Stoll Robust F30 front loader, pulling a Siloking TMR mixer trailer

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