MB Trac 1300 to 1800 (Mercedes Benz Tractor)

Mercedes Benz did once build tractors – Here’s the FS19 version

The MB Trac (Mercedes Benz tractor) is finally available in FS19. This Farming Simulator 19 mod was originally made by BM Modding Team. It has been a popular mod in many FS versions.

Now, it’s converted to FS19 by PommFritz, with the help of BR Mod Performance. And PeterAH has provided it with a sound update, which is excellent by the way.

When you download this mod, you’ll get the following MB Trac versions: 1300, 1400, 1500, the 1600 and 1800. These models were the last that Mercedes made, in the period from 1987 to 1991.

Here are some facts:

  • Base price: 100,000
  • Horsepower range: From 130hp to 210hp.

A couple of cool things: You can switch driving direction, like in some Fendts and the Valtras. And you can equip it with a front loader – either on the front of the tractor, or on the back (which makes it a back loader?)

Version 1.4 is Here

Here are some of the highlights from the new version:

  • The work lights bug has been fixed. And there are additional work lights to choose from.
  • A new model has been added: The 2400 intercooler (280 HP.)
  • You can now add a forestry frame to the tractor when you’re in the shop.
  • The speedometer is easier to read.
  • The tire options have changed. And the wheels make vegetation bend.

And We’ve Reached Version 1.5

Here’s PommFritz’s changelog for the updated version:

  • Mouse control for windows, doors and the roof hatch have been installed.
  • It now has even more wheel configuration options than before.
  • The Log error with the reverse driving function is taken care of.
  • And the black lines bug has also been fixed.
  • Plus, various other stuff.

P.S. For the sound to work properly, players using KeyboardSteer must set the gear to off.

Go to Download – 23.8MB

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