FS19 John Deere 9R-Series (US & EU Versions)

You Get Both the North American & European Version

John Deere 9R series Farming Simulator 19 mod – Both the US and the EU version (yes, there are actually 9R-tractors working on European fields…) Thank you so much to Stephan Beran and Custom Modding. You see, without CM there wouldn’t have been 9R tractors this great in FS19.

A lot of people held their breath when Giants Software announced that John Deere had come aboard as an official licensing partner. Could it be possible that we finally could get some official 9R JDs with the release of FS19?

But no. Although the in-game John Deere tractors are wonderful, the big, green monster was missing.

Two Versions of the JD 9R

Luckily JD-fans didn’t have to wait long. Recently Stephan Beran and Custom Modding released their version of the monster machine. One based on the American version. The other based on the European 9R series.

Kudos to Stephan and CM for doing a great job. The tractor mods are excellent. They are magnificent to work with. And there is a great variety of configurations to play around with:

  • Several wheel setups – with or without weights.
  • Several options for adding the 3-point fast coupler.
  • More weight options.
  • And, of course, several engine configurations.

How to Download

Ok. Now you have a couple of choices. You can download the American version. Or the European version. Or both. Here are the links:

  • To download JD 9R American version: Click here – (69.3MB)
  • To download JD 9R European version: Click here – (67.8MB)

(Both links are the modder’s original links)

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