Placeable Seed, Fertilizer, And Food Buying Stations

7 Shopping Silos That Will Cover Most of Your Needs in FS19

Here you have 7 silos packed together as one Farming Simulator 19 mod. The idea behind the mod is both simple and ingenious:

Take one of Giant’s in-game silos and turn it into a buying station for all kinds of stuff. And that is what the modder McKnightG has done. This is what you get:

  • 7 buying stations (Pig feed, horse feed, chicken feed, seed, fertilizer, lime, TMR – total mixed ration.)
  • The costs for each silo are 15,000. And you pay standard prices for the goods you buy.

The shopping silos are easy to use. Place them on your ground. Then drive under the overloading pipes to buy what you need.

Go to Download – 2.9MB

We are not 100 % sure about the origins of this mod. That’s why we have placed it on a Non-Pay-Per-Download server (Amazon S3.)

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