Placeable Sawmill Pack (Global Company)

Farming Simulator 19 mod demonstration: The Placeable GlobalCompany Sawmill Pack, created by Kastor.

I dare to say that this is the best sawmill addon in the history of Farming Simulator games. It’s hugely satisfying, both to place and to use.

This is what you get when you install and start using this mod:

  1. The sawmill, which is necessary for the other production facilities to work.
  2. A beam wrapping plant – Here, the beams from the sawmill gets wrapped.
  3. Pallet production – The board pallets go here to become more pallets.
  4. The power plant – This one turns woodchips and bark mulch into electricity.
  5. A wood storage rack – You can add logs to it or buy wood from it.
  6. And finally, a selling point where you can sell beams, wrapped beams, and pallets.

The only things you need to add yourself, are fuel for the power plant and logs if you don’t want to buy them from the wood storage.

Now, let’s connect the dots. We’ll start with the wood storage rack.

The Wood Storage

Yes, you can buy logs from the wood storage. But they are extremely expensive…

This placeable storage rack is more complicated than it looks. I’ll come to that. You can add logs that you’ve cut in the woods to it, in all shapes and sizes. Once you’re close enough, the rack “grabs” the logs automatically and turns them into new logs, 12 meters long.

Because GlobalCompany controls the rack, it will produce slightly different looking logs that you can handle with a front loader, for example. Once a log reaches 8,000 liters, it’s finished and ready to be fed to the sawmill.

Yes, you can buy wood from the wood storage, but it’s costly…

Note: It says “Wood Chips” in the output section, but it is still a manageable log.

The Sawmill

This is the sawmill, where the magic happens. It produces everything you need.

The sawmill is the heart of this mod. Feed it with wood, and you get several products in return. Here they are:

  • Wood beams – The beams can be wrapped at the beam wrapper, then sold.
  • Board pallets – Use the pallets with boards on to make new pallets at the pallets factory.
  • Woodchips and bark mulch – The power plant uses it to make electricity.

You can feed the sawmill with finished logs from the wood storage rack. It’s also possible to add logs directly to it, bypassing the wood storage.

The wood beams and board pallets spawn outside the sawmill.

You can use the board pallets to create more pallets…

You’ll find heaps of woodchips and bark mulch within the outside bunkers.

You can make money with both woodchips and bark mulch.

The Beam Wrapper

The beam wrapper produces valuable packs of wooden beams.

You can add the wooden beams from the sawmill to the beam wrapper. It stacks several beams together before wrapping them. The process takes quite a time, but it is worth it. You get paid a nice penny for each wrap you sell.

The Pallet Production

This factory makes pallet stacks ready to be sold.

This is where you add the board pallets. The factory turns the boards into (yup, you guessed it…) new pallets. Again, it will take some time for the factory to make a finished stack of pallets.

Once it’s ready, you can sell the stacks at the selling point.

The Wood Power Plant

The power plant lets you earn money from the sawmill’s byproducts (woodchips and bark mulch.)

The sawmill produces both woodchips and bark mulch. You can load both byproducts into the receiving bunker outside the power plant. It will make electricity out of it, which makes you more money.

Note: You need to add fuel to the power plant to make it work.

The Selling Point


The last, but still critical, piece of the puzzle. The selling point is where you sell the pallets and the wrapped beams. You can sell individual beams and board pallets too. Here are a couple of examples of what I got for my products (on Normal Economic Difficulty):

  • Wrapped beams: More than 7,000.
  • One stack of pallets: More than 1,400.

FS19 Placeable Sawmill Pack Mod Specs

Kastor has, once again, proven himself as a marvelous modder for the Farming Simulator games. His pack of sawmill objects is one of his best achievements so far; especially all the animations impress the heck out of me.

It’s a fantastic mod for everyone that does a fair bit of logging in Farming Simulator 19. It might even make people want to do logging because of it. You owe it to yourself to, at least, check out the animations inside the different buildings. They are oddly satisfying…

Zen from pallets…

It’s also super for everyone who enjoys driving big wheel loaders…

  • Original Mod Name: FS19 Placeable Sawmill Pack.
  • Credits: Kastor.
  • Category: Placeables | GlobalCompany.
  • Base price: From 15,000 to 400,000.
  • Capacity: The sawmill and the wood storage hold 400,000 liters each, the rest 100,000 liters.
  • Predefined ground: Concrete.
  • Errors: No.
  • Platforms: PC and Mac.
  • Required Mods: GlobalCompany.

Version – Fixes, More Selling Options

(Updated March 16, 2020) Kastor has just released the first update of the magnificent sawmill addon (thanks for the heads up, Floowy.) Here are some of the changes and fixes:

  • The sawmill now creates woodchips and bark mulch also when the Seasons mod is activated.
  • Fixes: Wooden beams output display, the empty pallets spawn point, board pallet’s collision, and the snow mask.
  • Additions: New store pictures and snow on the roof when using Seasons.
  • You can now sell the products at some of the regular selling points: Empty pallets where you usually sell wool pallets, the rest at woodchips selling points.

You can read the full changelog here. And yes, Kastor is working on a solution for autoloading trailers…

You can sell most products at woochips selling points, and the empty pallets where you usually sell wool.

Where to Download

First, visit Kastor’s original release post for the sawmill (click the blue button.) Then, look for the download link at the end of it.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.

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