Great Plains YP2425A Planter (Corn Included)

It Can Finally Sow Corn – And it Has an SML-1000 Fertilizer Tank

Please say welcome to the upgraded Great Plains YP2425A Planter Farming Simulator 19 mod. And not only that. This Badboy now comes fully equipped with a fertilizer tank.

It caused some controversy when Giants removed the option to plant corn with the FS19 version of the Great Plains planter. Thanks to Custom Modding (CM) it’s again possible to use it on corn fields as well. Just like the real-life version.

That’s not the only addition. CM has also added a fertilizer tank to the planter, saving you for that extra fertilization run. The tank can be purchased as an addon.

Here’s some fact:

  • Base price: 142,000
  • Capacity: 5,800 Liters
  • Working width: 18.2 Meters
  • Required horsepower: 320HP

A couple of facts about the SML-1000 fertilizer tank:

  • Base price: 5,500
  • Capacity: 3,785 Liters

We love when modders add more functionality to the vanilla equipment, especially when Giants removes some key elements. But there aren’t many modders that add as much value as CM. They will often go some extra miles.

Go to Download – 13.9MB

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.


  1. I cant seem to make this mod work. It doesnt unfold and really slow to pull even with large tractors. I tested on different maps with different machines. All cables are connected. What am I missing? Please advise. Thanks

    • Las 🙂 Thanks for commenting, and sorry that you’re having problems with the planter. There can be several things that makes it malfunction. Here’s what you can try:

      1. Make a backup of your current mods folder and rename it, e.g. “Xmods.”
      2. Create a new folder called “mods.” Only put the planter in that folder.
      3. Start FS19 and use one of the base game maps. Activate the planter in the mods window during loading.

      Now, if the planter works, it might conflict with another mod in the original mods folder. The only way to find out, is to add one mod after another (starting the game over and over) to see if you can find the mod that causes problems for the planter.

      • Thank you for the reply Erik I did some testing looks like Courseplay is casing the malfunction. I tested several other mods that could effect the seeder and CP was the one that broke it. For the record I am using CP version 6.01.00304.

        It is unfortunate because a seeder that size could be perfect for CP use. Hope it gets fixed.

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