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Feb 17 2019 - 08:11

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Courseplay elevates Farming Simulator 19 to an entirely new level. Almost everyone who uses it says thisFS19 mod has changed the game completely. For the better. Now, you can try itout too.

What is Courseplay?

Courseplay creates routes/courses for AI workers to drive.

Courseplay can be described as a route recorderfor the Farming Simulator games. You can record routes manually, for example by driving from point A topoint B. Or you can have Courseplay create a route,or a course, for you.

When a route/course is either recorded by you drivingit, or by Courseplay creating it, you can hire workers to drive the exact same route. Again, and again as long as you remember to save the course.

ButCourseplay can do much more than just record driving routes and have AI workersdriving them. The mod is capable of automating almost every activity you canthink of in FS 19. Here are someexamples of what it’s capable of:

… And more. The only thing we can think of that Courseplay can’t do for you (yet) is cutting down trees and loading logs onto a forwarder.

Example: Fertilizing course with refills.

Download and InstallCourseplay Beta

Courseplayis in constant Beta. There are updates to the mod almost on a daily basis. That’swhy downloading it from the official Github page is the best solution. Then youare guaranteed to always get the latest version.

Butinstalling the Github-version is different than installing other mods. Here’s how you do it:

1. Open the Courseplay Github pageClick here now.

2. Download the mod:

  1. Click the button labeled: “Clone or Download”
  2. Then Click on the link that says “Download ZIP”
Choose "Download ZIP"

Thisdownloads a file called to your computer. Saveit wherever you want, but NOT in yourmods folder.

3. Unzip the File:

You can use a program like 7-zip to do this.

4. Open the folder you just unzipped: (courseplay-master -> courseplay-master.)

You shouldnow see a lot of files (folders and LUAfiles.)

  1. First, select all.
  2. Now do a right-click with your mouse and select “Send to” -> “Compressed (zipped) folder”.
Make a new archive.

This createsa zipped archive with a random name. Now, change that name:

  1. Select the file, then press “F2” on your keyboard.
  2. Write your chosen name, e.g., “FS19_Courseplay_beta”.
Rename your file.

5. Now copy this file ( your FS19 mods folder:

P.S. #1 The mod is still in Beta. Somefunctions may not work as intended. And there may be bugs.

P.S. #2 Always download it from the Githubpage. This is the only guarantee that you get the latest version.

How to use Courseplay

We could have written a book on how to use Courseplay. Perhaps someday we’ll do. But for now, we’re just going to send you to the official Courseplay manual (click here) It gives you a great start on how to use this powerful mod.

After you’ve done some reading in the manual, you can visit Farmer Klein on YouTube. He has some excellent video tutorials on how to use it.

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