Farming Simulator 19 Game Updates

On this page, we’ll take a break from FS19 mods. Instead, we’ll list the most critical, developer-initiated changes to Farming Simulator 19. This will, for the most, be about patches. But as soon as we learn about other changes too, we’ll mention them here.

Ok, let’s move on…

Farming Simulator 19 Update 1.4

(Update June 2019) The 1.4 patch for Farming Simulator has been released. There’s a lot of fixes and improvements according to the changelog. And many additions. Here are some highlights:

  • Fixed crash with very large foliage draw distances.
  • Various Vehicles and sound improvements (graphics, functionality and quality.)
  • Improved performance when cultivating or plowing.
  • Care wheels for Samson PG II 35, Grimme SE260 and Ropa Keiler 2 have been added.
  • Now, there are also Care wheels for 3m crawlers of John Deere 8RT, Challenger MT 700/800 and Fendt MT 900/1100.
  • Added: Support for dry grass to forage harvester, and trailer attacher point to the New Holland W190D.

Click here to read the complete changelog.

Patch 1.4 Release Date

(Update June 2019) Giants Software Community Coordinator O5-Chris has just updated the official forums with confirmed information about the 1.4 patch. The patch will release on June 18th, 2019 (check the forum post for release times adjusted for time zones.)

Here’s what the patch notes say:

  • Game crashes due to very large foliage draw distances have been fixed.
  • Stuttering should now be reduced on rigs with slow hard drives.
  • Day to night transition effects have been improved (for the Windows version.)
  • Specular lighting flickering has been reduced.
  • Graphics and audio quality of vehicles have been further improved.
  • The problem with workers folding the Case IH cotton harvester when a bale is loaded has been fixed.

Other than that, the patch also includes overall performance improvements.


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  1. can someone please help me!! My game was fine and for the last few days it has been lagging in slow motion and freezes for about 10 seconds then slow motion again. takes forever to load and exit game also. I have since messed with settings and tried to change driver like I think I know what im doing. luckily I think I got it back to where it was but still slow motion and forever to load and exit. thanks for any help

    • Hi Chris,

      Sorry to hear about your problems. What map are you playing on? I had the exact same problem on Valley Crest Farm (there’s an update out for that map – take a look at the front page.)

      Your problems are most likely related to the map you’re using. Or perhaps a mod. Here’s how you can troubleshoot your mods:

      1. Move all of your mods to a temporary folder.
      2. Start a new gamesave on Felsbrunn or Ravenport without mods.
      3. Save the game, add your mods one by one (save and quit between each time you add a new mod.)

      It’s a tedious method, but really the only way to find the problem mod. For maps you just start a new game with your preferred map, but without mods.

      Hope this helps 🙂

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