Strautmann Magnon 560 DO Self-Loading Forage Wagon 1.0.0

By Yesmods

Oct 15 2019 - 11:47

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FS 19 addonshowcase: The Strautmann Magnon 560 DO self-loading forage wagon,modified by the FBM Team.

The mod isa reskin of the Krone ZX 560 GD, which came with Farming Simulator 19. In trueForbidden Mods fashion, the modified version has some extra goodies that thebase game Krone doesn't.

Close to Reality

Although it's a Krone with a different paint job and logos, the FS 19 Strautmann self-loading forage trailer also looks very much like the Magnon trailers, which Strautmann will reveal at AgriTechnica 2019.

The onlything, really fictitious, about the mod version, is the model number. The CFS430, CFS 470, and CFS 530 are the real-world models, but not the 560...

More Options

TheStrautmann Magnon 560 DO addon has more options than the Krone trailer. You canadd different logos to it. You can also put a display to the front of the trailerthat displays the fill level of the trailer.

The fill level display that is mounted on the front of the trailer

You can add a logo to therear as well.

FS 19 Strautmann Magnon560 DO

It'sanother great-looking mod from the talented people that makes up the ForbiddenMods Team. It's also relevant, considering Strautmann’s reveal of the Magnonforage wagons as one of its new product lines in 2019.

The Strautmann trailer unloading chaff into a silage bunker

Where to download

To download the Strautmann Magnon 560 FS 19 addon, you have to pay Sharemods a visit. The blue button opens the official download page.

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Via Forbidden Mods.

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