Hawe ULW 5000 Auger Wagon (Grain Cart)

By Yesmods

Jan 20 2020 - 13:56

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FarmingSimulator 19 mod presentation: The Hawe ULW 5000 auger wagon (grain cart,) convertedand modified by AgriFarming22.

This mod is a conversion of the Hawe auger wagon that Mod Sheune made for Farming Simulator 17. It’s a decent conversion, but there’s also room for some improvements.

ULW 5000 In-Game Features

Wheels – There are not many shop optionsfor the Hawe auger wagon. But you can add two types of wheels to it: Michelinor Trelleborg standard size tires.

You cancontrol the angle of the auger pipe and the upper discharge chute with a mouseor a controller. And you can open and close the cover.

FS19 Hawe ULW 5000 Mod Specs

The Hawe chaserbin is a nice addition to Farming Simulator 19. It works as expected, but certainelements are candidates for enhancements. More on that later.

Not 100 %

It showsthat the Hawe trailer is a conversion. It uses the old texturing system fromFS17. And the unloading animation is a bit off… But I’m sure true Hawe fans don’tcare.

Where to Download

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