The Next FS19 DLC: 7 Bourgault Implements, John Deere 9RX

Oh boy! Things suddenly got really, really interesting. Giants Software’s new DLC for Farming Simulator 19 is a whole bunch of Bourgault goodies. And no, it’s not just a drill and an air cart. The pack includes seven different (massive) implements.

And that’s not all. Because what’s that big and shiny green thing? Oh yes! It’s the gigantic John Deere 9RX articulated tractor!

The Bourgault DLC Content

I know a lot of Farming Simulator 19 players want the Bourgault brand in the game. I believe these babies would satisfy the vast majority.

The 3320-76 Paralink Hoe Drill

Category: Seeders.

Required power: 500 horsepower.

Working width: 23.3 meters.

3420-100 Paralink Hoe Drill

Category: Seeders.

Required power: 600 horsepower.

Working width: 30.5 meters.

7950 Air Cart

Category: Seeders.

Capacity: 33,475 liters.

71300 Air Cart

Category: Seeders.

Capacity: 45,810 liters.

FMS CD872-8

Category: Seeders.

Capacity: 7,200 liters.

Required power: 240 horsepower.

Working width: 8 meters.


Category: Cultivators.

Required power: 480 horsepower.

Working width: 12 meters.

XR770 Harrow

Category: Weeders.

Required power: 350 horsepower.

Working width: 21.3 meters.

John Deere 9RX Series

Category: Large Tractors.

Power: 560 to 670 horsepower.

Top speed: 40 kph | 25 mph.

The Fact Sheets and Videos

About Bourgault

Frank Bourgault built his first prototype cultivator in 1970. He sold the 16-foot unit to neighboring farmers in St. Brieux, Saskatchewan, Canada. Frank’s creation was so successful he decided to bring along a business partner, Don Coquet. On May 4th, 1973, Frank, Don, and Gerry (Franks eldest son) incorporated F.P. Bourgault Industries Ltd.

Today, the company makes some of the biggest and most reliable seeding and soil preparation equipment in the world.

Want to know more about the Bourgault history? Take a look at this video:

Bourgault DLC Facts

Here’s the most of what you need to know about the Bourgault DLC for FS19:

  • Release date: March 10, 2020.
  • Price: $7.99 | €7.99.
  • Available on these platforms: Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
  • Where to buy the DLC: Giants Software shop, Steam, the Mac app store, and Epic Games. For consoles, it should be available in the console’s stores.

I’m Very Happy

I’ve hoped for some great Bourgault equipment since I first entered Westbridge Hills in Farming Simulator 2015. Sure, there have been some really good mods. But to get this many implements, made with the Giants quality, is just brilliant!

And the John Deere 9RX? What a fantastic bonus! Sure, some players want a version without EU markings. But who knows? Maybe Giants has made geographically specs an in-shop option with this one?

Want a glimpse of all the Bourgault delights and that green thing in action? Take a look at this video:

Image credits: Giants Software.

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