FarmCon 2020 Will Take Place at the Deutz-Fahr Arena

Giants Software’s FarmCon has grown a lot since the first FarmCon 2016. Last year’s happening (FarmCon 2019) gathered several thousand fans at the Claas headquarters.

New year, new FarmCon. Giants have just announced that FarmCon 2020 will take place at the Deutz-Fahr Arena, in the Bavarian town of Lauingen.

The convention starts July 18th and ends the following day, July 19th.

Oh, here’s a video that shows parts of the arena:

Meet & Greet, FS League Season Finale

The fifth-ever FarmCon will have a lot to offer. Visitors can enjoy panels and workshops, which are especially interesting for modders, both new and seasoned.

The event will also host the finale of the current season of the Farming Simulator League. The best team will walk away from the convention with 100,000 euros in its pockets.

Everyone wanting to meet the developers face to face should buy the exclusive Gold tickets for FarmCon 2020. Gold ticket owners will join the Giants staff at a private dinner Saturday night. When the dinner is over, the participants will have the opportunity to sit down with the developers to discuss the game.

Deutz-Fahr DLC?

Ok. Speculation time… Why is FarmCon 2020 at the Deutz-Fahr Arena? Could it be because Giants Software is planning to use the event to announce a new DLC, where Deutz-Fahr machinery is a major component?

Well, it’s not a far-fetched idea. Last year’s version of the event, at the Claas headquarters, was used to announce that Claas finally was part of the Farm Sim family.

Another reason for having Deutz-Fahr hosting the event is the fact that the Farming Simulator franchise is a fantastic marketing arena for agricultural companies. The total sales for the game series are more than 25 million. I’m pretty sure a lot of farming machinery makers want to be associated with the massive success. I think hosting this years FarmCon will get Deutz-Fahr valuable publicity.

This is FarmCon

Never been to FarmCon? Here’s what it was like last year. It sure looks like a blast!

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