Coolamon 18T Chaser Bins (Auger Wagon)

A Nice and Tiny Auger Wagon That Works Really Well on Smaller FS Farms

This is the original Coolamon 18T chaser bin Farming Simulator 19 mod, made by JavierZzS and iBerModding. There are some conversions of it from FS17, but finally, we have the original version made ready for FS19 by the original modder.

FS19 Coolamon 18T Chaser Bin

This is a really nice mod. It works great, even with smaller tractors.

Coolamon 18T Version 3

A lot has changed about the Coolamon bin since the first time we wrote about it. Here are some the most recent changes:

  • A bug that prevented the loading of some textures has been fixed.
  • The unloading effects have been altered. And the inside of the bin now has work lights installed.
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