Farming Simulator 19 Resources

There are tons of sites, forums, and Facebook Groups about the Farming Simulator games out there. Some are great, some are good, and some are (unfortunately) not good at all.

Below, you’ll find a curated list of the better resources. I believe I’ve covered most of them, meaning if a resource isn’t on the list, it’s not worth your time…

Game Guides – How to Play

Do you need a guide on how to play Farming Simulator? You could visit one of the forums below and just ask other players. You could also visit They have an excellent guide which you’ll find here.

How to install mods?

Looking for help on how to get mods into your game? You have several options. We’ve created a short tutorial here.

Where to get mods (legit sites)

The sites below are great places to get mods. All sites on the list respect modders, meaning you won’t find stolen mods there. (Some sites require registration before you can start downloading.)

Farming Simulator Forums

Modders to follow on Facebook

Farming Simulator YouTube Channels

Resources for Farming Simulator Modders

Giants Developer Network is the official site for all Farming Simulator modders. You can download Giants Editor from here. There’s also plenty of scripting documentation and modding tutorials available.

There’s just one thing: You need to register an account to get access. Click here to visit GDN now.

UDIM Texture Guides and Tools

With FS19, Giants used Physically Based Rendering for the first time. This also meant changes for how the models are being textured. Here are some resources for anyone interested.

FS19 Map Making

How to Create a Farm with Giants’ New “Build a Farm” Feature(by Vertex Dezign) – The tutorial is in German. Use DeepL translator to translate – Not Google translate…


I3D Mapping Exporter – by SeanLatimer. If an I3D file has a node tree like the one to the left, it exports mappings like those shown to the right: