Wopster is Making a Realistic GPS Mod for FS19

This one's gonna be good!

Do you miss the GPS mod in Farming Simulator 19? You’re not the only one. The FS17 GPS mod is one of the most popular FS mods ever. The same goes for the FS15 version of it.

The problem is that Upsidedown, who created it, now works for Masterbrain Bytes. This company is working on a certain FS competitor called Cattle and Crops

I doubt Upsidedown is going to make a competing game even more popular by converting one his most popular mods for it.

A Convert in the Works

Source: Facebook

I’ve not heard anything about Upsidedown converting the GPS for FS19. But that doesn’t mean others aren’t trying. I came across the image above in one of the FS Facebooks groups.

  • According to the poster, the FS19 version is currently being worked on.
  • There’s no information on when it will release.

There’s also no information on wether Upsidedown has given this conversion his permission.

Cue Wopster’s FS19 GPS Mod

Screenshot by Wopster

Long time PC players of the Farming Simulator series will most likely recognize the name Wopster. He’s the mastermind behind great mods like the Hose System and Manual Attaching in FS17.

Now, he’s working on a realistic FS19 GPS mod!

Wopster’s GPS will resemble the GPS guidance system you’ll find in real life modern tractors. It will have A to B points, for example (see screenshot below – Notice the green A and B behind the slurry tanker).

Screenshot by Wopster

There’re no words on an ETA. That doesn’t matter. I can wait long for this one. Knowing Wopster’s previous work, I know it will be worth the wait.

Because who doesn’t want to have a great working GPS system that is closer to reality than other mods?

What about consoles?

Wopster’s GPS system on Xbox and PlayStation? How great wouldn’t that be! Whoa! Not so fast compadre.

When creating script mods for Farming Simulator 19, there’s always the problem of Sony and Microsoft not accepting 3rd party scripts on their consoles. This is the reason why you probably won’t see Wopster’s GPS on consoles.

But, but, but…

Giants has made an exemption. They managed to do a work-around, allowing the Seasons mod to be installed on Xboxes and PlayStations.

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