Smety Puts Claas in Farming Simulator 19

Claas fans should be really happy!

Many Claas fans were disappointed this summer when it became clear that there’s no agreement between Claas and Giants Software about putting Claas vehicles and equipment in FS19.

Screenshot of Giants Discord statement about no Claas in FS19
Credits: Lisertan on Discord

Why? This is not clear. I guess only Claas and Giants know.

Rumor has it that the companies have talked to each other. According to BulletBill (the great map maker), the two companies couldn’t agree on the terms for a possible official Claas debut in the Farming Simulator series.

This doesn’t mean we’ll never see Claas in the new game though.

Cue Smety

Luckily, there’s Smety. Smety is one of the best and most seasoned Farming Simulator modders ever. He has created mods from scratch (modeling, texturing, in-gaming) since the early days of the Farming Simulator series.

And he’s damn good at it.

Most of his FS13 and FS15 creations have the Featured status on The list of great Smety mods is enormous. Too long to mention here. I still want to mention a couple of highlights:

  • His Claas Xerion 4500 is the seventh most downloaded FS15 mod of all times on Modhoster.
  • He made thousands of players happy when he released his Fendt 900 Series for FS15. It’s still the best Fendt-mod for Farming Simulator 15 (according to me).

Claas in FS17

In-game screenshot of Smety's Claas Xerion FS17 mod
Credits: Yesmods

With the arrival of Farming Simulator 17, Smety kept pouring one great model after another on the mod-hungry crowd of digital farmers. Both the Fendt 800 Favorit and the Claas Axion 900 are among the most downloaded mods for FS17.

Personally, I use his mods all the time. They are so well made. In every aspect.

I want to mention the quality of the modeling especially. Smety’s models are created with game performance in mind. That includes a well-balanced use of details.

While several modders go overboard, putting too many details onto their models, Smety does a great job keeping his models performance friendly.

What about FS19?

Smety has great plans for Farming Simulator 19. First of all, he has already revealed that he’s working on bringing the Claas Torion 1914 wheel loader into the game.

This brand new loading shovel is a result of the collaboration between Claas and Liebherr, made primarily with agricultural material handling in mind.

But that’s not all.

Are you a fan of Smety’s Claas tractors in FS17? The good news is that he’s planning to port his models over to FS19. This means we’ll eventually get our hands on the Axion 800 and 900, plus the Xerion.

There are no words on when. But good things come to those who wait. We just have to be patient while Smety does his magic… But this much I know: Once Smety is ready with his mods, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the best vehicles and tools available in Farming Simulator 19.

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