Are Ropa and Claas new, official brands to Farming Simulator 19?

Will Farming Simulator 19 have more green and yellow?

Farming Simulator 19 is still months away. But we’re already getting small hints of what we can expect. Or are we?

(Yes, this post is speculation. For the most. Though, there are facts out there to back up some of the claims.)

To be clear: Giants hasn’t confirmed anything. Well, besides there actually will be a FS19. That’s pretty much it.

But interesting things have started to pop up. From other sources. Here’s a couple of examples:

Ropa in FS19? FS17

You know the Holmer equipment from FS17, right?

Fun Fact: German farmer Hermann Paintner started designing and building machines for Holmer as a freelancer back in the 1970’s. Among his creations: The “Holmer, System Paintner” – A six row, self-propelled sugar beet harvester.

Hermann later quit working for Holmer to start his own company. He established the Ropa Maschinenbau company in 1986.

Ropa is today one the world’s major manufacturers of sugar beet and potato harvesting tech.

Fast forward to Agritechnica 2017 – The world’s largest farming tech exhibition. Visitors to the Ropa booth could see this:

Do you see it?

Ok. Here’s a closer look:

Notice what it says on the wall? “Landwirtschafts-Simulator” (German for Farming Simulator), “Exclusive Vorschau” (German for Exclusive Preview”). Also, the logos of both Ropa and Giants…

Now, for the speculation…

  • I think Giants has already made Ropa models. That are playable.
  • Yes, there are Ropa mods out there (some are really good). But seeing Giants’ logo next to the Ropa logo leads me to believe that the Ropa Maus model is made by Giants.

The models could have been made for Ropa exclusively. For use in education and sales. But I can’t really understand why Ropa would pass up the opportunity to showcase their equipment to millions of FS players.

My guess?

Ropa will be one of the new, official brands to enjoy in Farming Simulator 19.

Or… It could also be a DLC.

Remember the Holmer DLC for FS15? It was released in March 2016, while FS17 made its debut in October the same year. Just sayin’…

Update 180118: Giants has announced Ropa as the next FS17 DLC

Claas in 19?

This one’s tougher… There has “always” been Claas in Farming Simulator. As mods. (Some really good ones, actually. Think Smety’s Axion 800 and Axion 900.)

But the brand isn’t officially part of the FS family. Yet…

About one year ago, Holger Sengstock from the German web site LS Nachrichten visited the “Grüne Woche” (The Green Week) trade show in Berlin.

There, he spoke to a marketing person from Claas. The representative said something like this:

“Yes, there’s an agreement between Claas and Giants. Claas will join the Farming Simulator series.”

Holger later reported from the conversation on the web site. But the report has been taken down. Not sure why. But you can see a copy of it on Farming Simulator Fans (in German).

A lie?

I don’t know Holger personally. But he has been a part of the community for many years. His web site has proven to be pretty accurate in its reporting.

Here’s what I think.

  • I do believe Holger did talk to a Claas employee.
  • I also believe they discussed an official appearance from Claas in the Farming Simulator Series.

It’s the removal of the article from the web site that puzzles me. Why was it removed? Was it damaging to Giants’ own marketing plan?

Now, what?

Will Claas join the many brands already enjoying tremendous exposure in the Farming Simulator games?

Sure! I can’t come up with a sane reason why they wouldn’t.

Will Claas be an official FS19 brand?

Well, I will put it like this: It won’t shock me if they are.

They have already said yes to have their equipment in a simulator game that has no proven track record yet (Cattle and Crops). Why wouldn’t they also join the market leader?

Giants Responds

As I said earlier, Giants hasn’t said much about FS19 so far. But they have commented on the Ropa and Claas rumors in the official FS forum.

This is what Lisertan (Giants’ community manager) had to say about Ropa:

.. I get where he took ROPA from, they had a preview of content for our game at Agritechnica.

Lisertan on the Claas rumors:

As for Claas: Again 100% honest answer here (and this answer goes for all brands, not only for Claas, so feel free to replace Claas with John Deere, Kubota, whatever):

We are talking to pretty much everyone pretty much all the time. We want as many brands as possible to be in the game and we know that a lot of people would be happy if “their brand” made it into the game, be it Claas or something else. Therefore, there is ALWAYS hope for pretty much any brand in the game and we will do our best to deliver.

So will Claas be in FS19? At this point, the correct answer would be: May be, may be not. Time will tell.

What do you think? Will Ropa and Claas make their official debuts in Farming Simulator 19?

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