6 Ropa vehicles and pieces of equipment is the next FS17 DLC

No need to speculate anymore…

Giants Software earlier today announced the arrival of Ropa as an official Farming Simulator Brand.

On the 13th of March, we’ll all enjoy the Ropa DLC, which contains 6 vehicles and pieces of equipment.

Part of the DLC content:

  • The Ropa Tiger 6
  • Ropa RR-XL 9X45 Header
  • The Ropa Maus 5
  • Ropa Keiler 2 potato harvester

Oh, and yes – The DLC will be available on PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One.

PC Expansion 2

For PC players, the Ropa DLC will be available as a separate DLC, or as a part of the pc “Expansion 2” pack. This pack both contains the Kuhn DLC and the Big Bud DLC.

Bigger and Better

I was hinting about Ropa being the next FS17 DLC in my previous post. Honestly, I had no idea Giants would make it official a couple of days later, lol…

This is great.

Not only for the millions of FS fans. It also shows that Giants is serious about making their game THE Farming Simulator.

The game is getting bigger and better.

One day soon, it may become so big that agricultural brands can’t no longer afford to not be in it.

Do you hear me, John Deere!

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