Farming Simulator 19 vs. Farming Simulator 17 graphics comparison

Wow. This was kind of unexpected. Didn’t really think we would get more Farming Simulator 19 news for a while.

But here it is.

The first comparison images that let anyone get a hint of what the upgraded Giants Engine now is capable of.

The changes are just stunning. I’m so happy to see that Giants has put a lot of efforts in upgrading the graphics of the game.

All of this is possible thanks to several things.

  • High Dynamic Range Rendering – Makes FS19 show a more complete color spectrum than FS17, for example.
  • Screen space ambient occlusion – All objects in the game will now cast their own shadows.
  • Light scattering – Used for the first time in FS19. Shadows will be significantly improved thanks to this technique.

All in all: Farming Simulator 19 will look fantastic! Great work, Giants!

Here’s a couple of comparison shots for you. Just remember that the FS19 screens are early alpha. And yes. They are taken at the same time of the day… Oh, you can see a slider version of the images over at the official FS web site.

(Click on the images below to see bigger versions)

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