Custom Modding Will Release Americanized JDs

For Green Fans "Over There"

Screenshot by Custom Modding

If you visit any American Farming Simulator Facebook group, you’ll read complaints from players about the vanilla equipment being too “European.” Tractors, harvesters, and tools don’t have an American look.

This is a valid point. Because there are real life differences in American and European farming equipment.

Most notably it’s things like warnings signs, wheel setups and turn signals that differs. And of course, front linkage versus weights on the front of many tractors…

Many American players are farmers. It’s understandable that they want their game models to look like those real-life versions parked outside their homes.

Rebuilds by Custom Modding

Screenshot by Custom Modding

Well-known modding team Custom Modding (CM) will soon release Americanized versions of the base game John Deeres. Both tractors and harvesters will get a typical American look. Here are some of the changes:

  • Signs, weights, and lights have been changed.
  • New tire brands are added: Firestone and Goodyear.
  • The wheel models have been reworked for Farming Simulator 19.

(Update Desember 6, 2018: Custom Modding has now released the JD pack. Read more about it…)

It’s pretty safe to say that players ‘over there’ will be more than happy with this pack, “bringing the JDs home…”

Skilled and Hard Working

Custom Modding is well-known among FS17 players. If you’ve ever played Farming Simulator “American” style, you’ve probably used one or several of their mods.

The group has released almost 30 (!) mods for FS17, mainly tractors, harvesters, and trucks. Most of the mods are based on South-American and North-American versions of real-life farming machinery.

The team does edits, and they are also doing modeling from scratch.

Better Than Most

CM’s Kenworth T880 for FS17.

I really like the CM Mods. First, they are outstanding. The modders have an excellent eye for details. Their models are also different from many mods coming from America.

A large chunk of American mods are very detailed. Too detailed to work great in-game. Yes, they look good. But having too many, detail heavy mods in the game at the same time, can cause lag and stutter.

Custom Modding is balancing gameplay performance and great looking models. CM’s mods look very good while keeping the polygon count* at a game friendly level.

And that’s a good reason to keep a close eye on what these modders are doing. You can start by following their Facebook page. And perhaps join the CM community.

* Every model in a game is made from triangles. Polygon count, or polycount, refers to the number of triangles used to create a model. Less is better for game performance. Source:

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