Courseplay is Coming to FS19

Patience is a virtue

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(Update) The FS19 version of Courseplay is in Beta, meaning everyone with a PC can test. You can download it from the official CP Github (click here). And here’s a guide on how to install it.

Courseplay is one the most popular mods ever to be released for the Farming Simulator series. Since 2012 it has helped digital farmers automate almost everything on their farms.

The popular script mod keeps getting better. The current FS17 version is a considerable improvement, compared to what the script was like just after the launch of FS17.

One of the reasons for the massive gain in quality has to do with the team growing from two to four developers over the last couple of years. The current devs are:

  • Thomas Gärtner
  • Satis
  • Pops64
  • Peter Vajko

Courseplay in Farming Simulator 19

Going from one FS game to another leaves many players wondering if their favorite mod makes it into the new game. Facebook groups and forums are already littered with questions about if and when Courseplay will make its debut as an FS19 mod.

The if part is easy. Yes, Courseplay will be in FS19. It’s when that’s difficult. Here’s what pops64 (one of the devs) posted on the CP Github recently:

We are currently hard at work updating CP for FS19. When we are ready for beta testers we will make a push here. Until that time you won’t see any commits to GitHub but do not worry we are busy working on updating CP

Busy, busy, busy…

Credits: Courseplay

Giants has changed much of how FS19 works compared to previous games. This has left mod developers, like the Courseplay crew, with a long laundry list of stuff to fix.

Here are some of the things they are working on:

  • The CP hud is broken. Needs to be fixed.
  • The field scanner doesn’t work. Needs to be fixed.
  • The Waypoint maker needs to be updated.

If you want to follow along on the development process, you can do so by visiting pop64’s Github update.

Fake Conversions

It’s likely we’ll see some pretty bad conversions of Courseplay soon. Conversions by people who don’t know what they are doing. This was the case when we went from FS15 to FS17.

So, instead of ruining your game because of an unofficial conversion, know that Courseplay on Github is the only, true source. Both for updates on the progress and FS19 Beta versions.

If you see Courseplay floating around on various FS19 mod sites, check with Github first. If you can’t find any updates on a Beta there, those versions are most likely bad rip-offs. Stay away from them, as they might damage your game or even your computer.

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