TWIM Week 50 2018 – John Deere 9RT and LuaDocs

What's going on in the FS modding community.

Welcome to the first edition of TWIM (This Week in Modding)! It’s been almost a month since Farming Simulator 19 was released. Congrats to Giants for selling 1 million copies in just 10 days (wow!)

Players all over are enjoying the game more and more with every patch release.

And modders are working hard on prepping their mods for the new game. Here’s some of the stuff going on in the Farming Simulator Modding community right now.

OxygenDavid’s First FS19 Map Looks Incredible

Just stunning! Screenshot by OxygenDavid

Want to see what Farming Simulator 19 really is capable of in terms of visuals and stunning graphics? Head over to OxygenDavid’s Facebook page, and check out the screenshots of his first FS19 mod map: Marwell Manor Farm

I feel I must underline that the image above is from the game, not from real life. And damn! OxygenDavid’s map looks fantastic!

You can see more images, and read more about the upcoming map in the official Work in Progress-thread on

Custom Modding’s John Deere 9RT

This one is going to be good – Screenshot: Custom Modding

Rafael Ronchi of Custom Modding is making an FS19 Mod version of the John Deere 9RT. At the moment, he’s on the last leg of the modeling process.

Custom Modding also released a JD 9RT for FS17.  IIRC it was a collaboration with Tech Mod A.S. The new model is not just a conversion of that one. Rafael has done much of the modeling on CM’s new FS19 model by himself.

The mod will eventually get a public release. Even on consoles, if Giants accepts it.

You can follow along on Custom Modding’s Facebook page.

Giants Has Released The Luadocs

The LUAdocs is here, finally.

This might not be the sexiest news for the majority of players. But eventually, many FS fans will benefit significantly from Giants release of the somewhat infamous LUADOCS.

A lot of FS19 mods depend on scripts to work. Mods like Courseplay, and the upcoming GPS mod from Wopster, are programmed in LUA. That’s why many modders have been waiting for Giants to release documentation on how scripting works in Farming Simulator 19.

Earlier this week, Giants finally made the documentation public. This sends us closer to seeing a sudden and positive impact on the quality of mods released. And the numbers.

Here’s the link to the documentation.

Rolling Hills for FS19

Screenshot: DR Modding

One of the first American styled mod maps has made it to the initial testing. The map is called Rolling Hills, inspired by a beautiful midwestern landscape.

The map will be in the standard Farming Simulator size. Judging from the already released images, it’s indeed a map I look forward to trying out.

The map is built by DR Modding, famous for the Upper Mississippi River Valley map for Farming Simulator 17 (there’s also talks about an FS19 conversion of UMRV…). You can follow the map making process on DR Modding’s Facebook page.

Oh, here’s a video of it:

Tons of Edits, Conversions and Fake FS19 Mods

If you visit any shady mods site, you’ll see there have been already released several hundred mods for Farming Simulator 19.

Yes, there are some good ones.

But the vast majority of the current FS19 mods are either edits of base game stuff. Or conversions of FS17, FS15, FS13 or even FS11 mods.

Again, some of the edits and conversions are pretty Ok. And many are really, really bad…

What’s even worse, are all the fake mods. Mods, that are presented as FS19 mods, but don’t work at all. Why is this happening?

  1. People upload fake mods just to make a few bucks when people download them from download sites. They earn a dollar or two for every thousand downloads.
  2. Most mod sites don’t test mods uploaded to their sites.

Here’s an example: Many Claas fans were happy to see the Jaguar 900 forage harvester as an FS19 mod. The problem? It’s fake. It’s just an FS17 version where the modDesc.xml file has been edited. And that’s not enough to make the mod work.

Photo: A dodgy mod site

Another example is Mogli’s GearBox-Addon. It’s floating around on various FS19 mod sites as an FS19 Mod. In reality, it’s just the FS17 version in new wrapping. And it doesn’t work.

Want to avoid fake mods and bad conversions? Just visit trusted mod sites. They might not have as many mods (yet). But the mods you’ll get there are at least working. Here are some good sites:

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