I’ll say that trailers are the second most important FS19 mods your digital farm will need. Just after tractors. Be it transportation of crops or vehicles and equipment, the job get’s a whole lot easier when you can put a good trailer to use.

On this page, you’ll find some of my favorite FS 19 trailers. Only the good stuff, like dump trailers, flatbeds, lowboys (low-loaders), and so on. All to make your Farming Simulator 19 farm more manageable.

Oh, if you’re looking for bale trailers, you should check out my page for baling tech

ITRunner Pack

Main Modder: Giants Software. We’re getting a lot of the FS15 and FS17 equipment as mods in Farming Simulator 19. Which is great. It’s nice to see that the ITRunner pack is available once again. Either from the modhub inside your game. Or from Giants’ own website.

XL Specialized 80MFG FS19 Mod

Main Modder: Taylor Farms. Need a low-profile gooseneck for your American FS19 operations? Then get this beauty from Custom modding (CM). And yes, the deck extends. Download it from CM on Facebook.

Fliegl Low Loader Semi-Trailer

Main Modders: HmmR Modding, Giants Software. The Fliegl Low Loader FS19 mod is well done. The textures look good. And the extra added lights make it a great looking tool for your transportation needs. Read more… or Download.