Straw Storage Building

Making Moos Happy

Screenshot by Boddi

FS19 Mod Creator: Hasco

(The model was initially made by Marhu and Giants I believe for FS15?)

Cows eat a lot. They need a lot of grass, hay, silage, and straw. Food storage may become an issue. Especially if you have a lot of animals. This storage building mod could save you a lot of trouble.

Screenshot by Boddi

It functions like a silo. You unload moo goodies from the outside. You can load your trailers with the stored crops, also from the outside. There’s also room for both woodchips (unload/load from the outside) and bales inside the building.

  • Capacity: 500,000 (of each crop)
  • Base Price: 160,000
  • Multiplayer Compatible: Not tested
  • Platform: PC

It’s a well-functioning, placeable mod, which can be downloaded from LS Modcompany’s website. (Look for at button that says ‘HERUNTERLADEN’)

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