Bale Wrappers

For all your baling needs

Balers have made farmers’ lives easier. By compressing stuff like grass, hay, and straw, into compact bales. This makes it easier both to transport and store the crops.

Farming Simulator 19 has a couple of great balers. Like the Kuhn FBP 3135. But there’s always room for more.

Here are some of the best baler and bale wrapping mods for FS19:

Ursus Z586 Bale Wrapper by Giants

The Ursus Z586 bale wrapper was included as a standard tool in FS15 and FS17. Do you miss it in FS19? No worries! Giants has made this light wrapper available again. This time as a mod.

It may look somewhat simplistic. But this is a pretty sophisticated tool. It’s made up of a bale collecting arm, a rotating platform for bales, a plastic wrapper, and an unloading shovel.

When you extend the arm, it will pick up nearby round bales, allowing the plastic wrapper to do its thing. After 10 to 20 seconds you can unload a freshly wrapped bale.

Screenshot by Boddi

Making silage in FS19 doesn’t get any easier.

The price tag is another advantage.

The Z586 is a whole lot cheaper than the in-game Kuhn wrapper. But then you must take into account that the Kuhn wrapper also handles square bales, together with round bales. The Ursus will only do round bales.

Mod creators: Giants Software

Ursus Z586 details:

  • Base Price: £/$/€ 8,200
  • Accepts: Round bales (not straw)
  • Foil colors: 4
  • # of wheel configurations: 0

Ready to do some silaging? You can download this mod from the in-game Modhub. Or by visiting the Modhub online.

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