Tillage is the art of preparing the soil before putting seeds in the ground. In Farming Simulator 19 this is done in two ways: Plowing and cultivating.

First, you plow. Then you cultivate. And to make the job easier, you have a lot of tools at your disposal. Below, you’ll find some of the finest plow and cultivator mods for FS19. All of which have been tested in-game.

Väderstad TopDown 500 Cultivator

Main Modders: Giants, MTLT Petit Tarnais. An excellent FS19 conversion of the FS13 Väderstad TopDown 500 cultivator. Working width: 5 meters. Required hp: Minimum 250. Download from MTLT Petit Tarnais on Facebook.

Lemken Smaragd 9

Main Modder: LsWelt. LsWelt has made available the Lemken Smaragd 9 as an FS19 mod for everyone (on pc that is). It’s a great looking mod that is particularly useful in small to medium sized fields. Read more … Or download here.