Farming Simulator 19 is much about building and expanding your farm. Most of what you need, like aninmal pens, silos, and vehicle sheds are placeable objects you can buy.

Building an FS19 farm is quite challenging. But also very rewarding once your farm starts to look great. The good news is that there are a lot of great looking placeable mods. Some of them even make your daily tasks as a farmer easier and more fun.

Below, you’ll find the ones I recommend.

Machinery Shed by Vertex Dezign

Main Modders: Katsuo (Vertex Dezign). Old style vehicle shed made by Katsuo, one of the best FS buildings creators. Two options: With or without sliding doors. Download from the Vertex Dezign website.

Meridian Refill Stations (Seeds & Fertilizer)

Meridian Refill Stations for FS19

Main Modder: Taylor Farms. Placeable refill stations with a distinct North American look. Both bins have working augers. Note that you’ll only be able to buy from these stations… Download: Taylor Farms (Press the “Play Game” button below the header.)

US Farm House

Image of the placeable FS19 US farm house

Main Modder: Taylor Farms. Here’s a nice farm house for your US styled farm. It even comes with a proper flag. And a BBQ (of course). Download from Taylor Farms on Facebook (Look for the “Play Game” button below the header.)

Stahl Ramps and Platform System

Main Modder: TWD Modding. Need some elevation? Here are a set of ramps and platforms. Highly customizable. You can download the Beta version from TWD Modding on Facebook. (Look for the “Filehorst” link)

30+ Placeable Buildings and Objects

Main Modder: Lunchbox. More than 30 different buildings and objects for you FS19 farm. Read more. Or download this mod from LS Modcompany.

Fueltank 5000 Liters

Main Modder: Niggels, Vertex Dezign. A nice fuel tank for your farm. It’s easy to place. Holds 5,000 liters. Read more here. Or download from Giants’ Modhub.

Glulam Machine Sheds

Main Modder: Niggels, Vertex Dezign. 4 beautiful placeable sheds. From 24 x 16 meters to 48 x 16 meters. Read more here. Or download from Giants’ Modhub.

Placeable Quonset Shed

Main Modder: RAND0M, Seriousmods. Nice shed, US style. Placeable with animated doors. Read more here. Or download from Rand0m’s Facebook Page.

Kastor’s Pig Building and Enclosure XL

Main Modder: Kastor. Need more pigs? This placeable from Kastor saves the day. Read more about it here. Or download from Kastor’s own web site.

Straw Storage Building

Main Modder: Hasco. This building will not only store straw. It has room for stuff like grass and hay too. Read more about it here. Or download from LS Modcompany.

Large Grain Bin Complex

Main Modder:  Bronkema Toys. Want to go Big, North American style? Then you’ll need this grain complex. Read more about it here. Or download it from Bronkema Toys on Facebook.

Headers Elevator Rack

Main Modder:  Hot online Team (HoT). This is a great way to store your headers. Has an elevator. Read more about it here. Or download it from HoT’s Modhoster page.

Ground Leveler

Main Modder:  LS Gaming Ordaton. This is really not a placeable. But it helps leveling the ground. Read more about it here. Or download it from Odaton’s Facebook Page.

Not what you’re looking for? You’ll find more FS19 Mods here.