So, tractors and equipment are cool. But they are worth nothing if you can’t have a nice map to use them with.

Thanks to the hard work of many talented map makers (aka mappers) there’s a wide variety of great creations to choose from.

If you find yourself a nice map that you really enjoy, send some good thoughts in the direction of the mapper. Because making a map, starting with nothing is one of the most overwhelming tasks any Farming Simulator modder takes on.

It might take months to create a good map. Years even.

The quality of each map varies. Some are just brilliant. Many are good. But there’s a fair share of bad ones too.

On this page, you’ll only find some of the best Farming Simulator 19 mod maps.

Michigan Farming

Main Modders: Taylor Farms, Daze Farms. One of the first US based mod maps for FS19. Most fields are large. And flat. Forestry fans will also enjoy this map. Download from Facebook (look for the “Play Game” button below the header.)

Harsefeld Mod Map by FSM

Main Modders: FSM Modding Team. Harsefeld is a great looking, Germany inspired, fictional map mad by the FSM Modding team (the same team made “The Beast” for FS15). Downaload from FSM website.

North Frisian March Mod Map

Main Modders: Vetroox. The modder Vetroox invites you to the northern parts of Germany. The North Frisian March mod map has 35 small, medium and large fields. It’s mission-ready and works well with Giants’ AI helpers. Download via LS-Modcompany.

Upper Glantal in the South Palatinate

Main Modders: Acert. This is one of the first, complete maps made from scratch for FS19. It’s inspired by the Southwestern parts of Germany. You have around 20 small to medium sized fields to work with. You can download it from Acert’s Modhoster account.

Felsbrunn Map Edit by PsieCore

Main Modders: PsieCore, Giants Software. I’ve seen some edits of the base game German map. This version is one of the best ones. PsieCore has made a rebuild that both looks and feels fantastic. You can read more here, and download it here.