Lemken Smaragd 9

When you need a smaller Lemken

It works great in smaller fields… Screenshot by Boddi

Did you know that the Lemken Smaragd is one of the most widely used soil cultivation systems in Europe? Now, you can use it yourself in Farming Simulator 19, thanks to this fine FS19 mod from Die Virtuelle Ls Welt.

Lemken is already well represented in the base FS19 game. But the vanilla Gigant 12 S cultivator might be a little too much in smaller fields.

Now, you can use the 6-meter wide Smaragd 9 instead.

Lemken Smaragd 9 Mod

LsWelt has made available the Lemken Smaragd 9 as an FS19 mod for everyone (on pc that is). It’s a great looking mod that is particularly useful in small to medium sized fields.

Although it’s a smaller sized cultivator, you should use it with tractors producing 225 horsepower or more.

And please equip your tractor with a counter weight. The cultivator is pretty heavy. And it doesn’t have transport wheels. The back of your tractor will lower significantly when the cultivator is attached.

Tiny Errors

The mod has a couple of errors. One of them is the front of the cultivator falling to the ground in the 3D shop. And when you buy it, it’s delivered unfolded.

But these errors are minor. They won’t break your game.

I like this mod. Especially since there’s so few 6 meter wide cultivators available.

Lemken Smaragd 9

Mod Creators: DieModdingecke, Agrartechnik Nordeifel, LsWelt

  • Base Price: 19,780
  • Required Horsepower: 225 hp
  • Work Width: 6 Meters
  • Work Speed: 15 kph
  • Platform: PC
  • Not tested in multiplayer.

You can download this mod from LsWelt on Facebook. Be sure to leave the page a like as a sign of appreciation for the modders.

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