Pig Building and Enclosure XL

Lots of Piggies

Screenshot by Boddi

Mod Creators: Kastor, Giants Software

Do you need a bigger enclosure for your pigs? Then you want to consider this large enclosure made by Kastor. It has space for up to 500 pigs – 200 more than the largest base game enclosure.

Any downsides? Well, because of the increased capacity, the price is higher too.

This FS19 mod is created by Kastor, a modder I have great respect for. He (I’m guessing he’s a he…) has been one of the most productive and innovative mod makers for many years.

If you’ve ever played FS17 on pc, I’m sure you’ve used one of his feed mixers, just to mention some of his creations.

Needs Space

The mod is excellent. I didn’t notice any errors or problems when trying it out. If you look at the picture below, you’ll see where to refill essential stuff like pig food, water, and straw.

Screenshot by Boddi

Warning: Kastor’s pig enclosure is huuuge. It will cover a lot of ground. Save your game before placing it, just to be on the safe side…

Kastor’s Pig Enclosure for FS19:

  • Capacity: 500 pigs
  • Base Price: 325,000
  • Platform: PC
  • Multiplayer Compatible: Not tested
  • File Size: 14,63 MB

You can download this mod from Kastor’s web site. Look for this frase: ‘Hier geht’s zum Download’

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