Krone BiG X 580

Nice to se ya, buddy!

The BiG X in all its glory – Screenshot by Boddi

The Krone BiG X 580 forage harvester is waiting for you to download it to Farming Simulator 19. The mod is created by Giant’s, I guess it’s an in-house adaption of the FS17 model. I’m so happy to see that Giants still is working on adding own mods to the official modhub.

Long time Farming Simulator players know the Krone BiG X 1000, and perhaps the BiG X 1100, from FS2013. (The 1100 was part of the Titanium addon.) The 1100 also made it to FS15. But it was first in FS17 we got the first version of the BiG X 580.

As the name suggests, the 580 is a smaller version of its big brothers. It’s suitable for medium sized fields when using the Krone EasyCollect 600 header, with a working width of 6 meters.


The real-life Krone forage harvester is sold on most continents. You can see them working in corn fields all the way from New Zealand to America. That’s why this mod has a natural place on most Farming Simulator maps.

More options – Screenshot by Boddi

The mod uses the EasyCollect 600 header. But it can also be equipped with the following tools:

  • EasyFlow 300 S
  • XDisc 620

You’ll find both headers in the in-game shop, sorting under the Krone brands.

Great Mod

Giants’ BiG X 580 mod is excellent. It’s perfect when you don’t yet have the money for the big brother. The only, tiny detail I miss, is animated cabin parts. The gas pedal or the hand throttle didn’t move last I tested it.

Oh, and you can’t raise the 580 cabin, like you can with the base game 1180.

Mod Creators: Giants Software

  • Base Price: 275,000
  • Horsepower: 585 hp
  • # of engine configurations: 1
  • # of wheel configurations: 4
  • Wheel Brands: Trelleborg, Michelin
  • Inceractive Controls: No
  • Platform: PC/MAC, PS4, XB1
  • Multiplayer Ready: Yes
  • File Size: 10,88 MB

You can download the Krone BiG X 580 from the in-game modhub (same goes for the EasyCollect 600 header.) Or you can download it from the web site.

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