Glulam Machine Sheds

Some of the best FS19 sheds

These buildings are spectacular – Screenshot by Boddi

Need sheds for your Farming Simulator 19 vehicles and tools? You won’t find much better buildings than these placeable sheds from Niggels and Vertex Dezign.

I’ve always admired Niggels for his modding skills. I have used most of his mods extensively in FS17.

With these buildings mods for Farming Simulator 19, he confirms himself as one of the very best FS modders ever. Because these buildings are indeed the work of a great artist.

Lots of Options

Niggels’ placeable vehicle sheds for FS19 comes in a pack of four. You have four different sizes to choose from:

  1. 3 doors – 24 x 16 meters.
  2. 4 doors – 32 x 16 meters.
  3. 5 doors – 40 x 16 meters.
  4. 6 doors – 48 x 16 meters.

All buildings have enough room to store vehicles or tools 16 meters long. And all of the buildings come with a light system installed. The sheds are from 24 meters to 48 meters in length.

And yes, the doors are animated. And comes complete with sound.

Excellent Craftsmanship

Niggels’ vehicle sheds are inspired by a modern, Bavarian style, where glued laminated timber is a major component of the building materials.

Well, this building style isn’t only found in Germany. If you go to the Nordic countries, you’ll see a lot of farm buildings built similarly.

Niggels has done a fantastic job bringing modern farm buildings into FS19. The modeling is top notch. And it’s rare to see great texture work like this.

What impresses me the most, is the glulam beams, which you can see from inside the sheds. It’s really like looking at the real thing!

Wow! Just Wow! – Screenshot by Boddi

Mod Creators: Niggels, Vertex Dezign

  • Base Price: From 29,500
  • Platform: PC/MAC, PS4, XB1
  • Multiplayer Ready: Yes
  • File Size: 18,59 MB

The sheds come in one pack which can be downloaded from the modhub inside the game. You’ll also find them on the Giants’ website.

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