Fueltank 5000 Liters

Tired of driving to the gas station?

Tractors need fuel – Screenshot by Boddi

Here’s a nice little placeable fuel tank mod for your farm. Every farm, small or humongous, needs fuel. And it’s definitely more convenient to have the tank placed on the farm than having to drive to the nearest gas station.

Thanks to Niggels, one of the particularly talented modders over at Vertex Dezign, you can now buy a 5000-liter fuel tank and place it on your farm.

The placing footprint is relatively small. This makes it easy to place the tank, even if your space is pretty limited.

I’ve seen some fuel tank mods floating around for FS19 already. But most have a somewhat old-fashioned design. Niggel’s tank, however, looks like something you would buy in 2018.

Easy Fueling

All you have to do is to drive your vehicle next to the gas pump and start refueling.

It looks terrific. The modeling and textures are plain brilliant. I am especially happy with the looks of the nozzle, and the hose.

The only, miniscule let down, is that you can’t choose which color you want for the tank. Maybe that’s an option for a future update.

Anyway, it’s a perfect mod for most of your farming fuel needs.

Mod Creators: Niggels, Vertex Dezign

  • Base Price:  5,900
  • Platform: PC/MAC, PS4, XB1
  • Multiplayer Ready: Yes
  • File Size: 3,54 MB

Niggels’ fuel tank is downloadable from the in-game mod hub. Or by visiting the modhub online.

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