Placeable Quonset Shed

Screenshot by Boddi

Mod Creators: Seriousmods, RAND0M

If you visit a farm in North America, you’ll probably see one or more Quonset sheds, made from corrugated steel sheets.

Originally called Quonset huts, they became popular during World War 2. The huts were easy to assemble and could be shipped anywhere. Today, many farmers rely on Quonset sheds to store everything from bales and crops to machinery.

The name Quonset? It comes from the first construction site at Quonset Point, Rhode Island.

FS19 Mod

Two great North American modders, Seriousmods, and RAND0M, have made it available for all Farming Simulator 19 farms.

Seriousmods is responsible for the modeling, RAND0M has scripted it. The mod is placeable and ads nicely to the realism of North American farming in FS19.

And yes, all doors are working… All in all, the mod works great. It looks great. Just be aware it might raise the ground underneath slightly when placed.

Quonset Shed Detail:

  • Base Price: 40,000
  • Animations: Yes
  • Lights: No
  • Platforms: PC, Mac
  • File Size: 3,87 MB
  • Multiplayer Ready: Not tested

You can download this FS19 mod from RAND0M’s Facebook page. Please leave a Like before downloading. And if you want to show Seriousmods some love, you’ll find his FB page here.

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