Ground Leveler

When you need to flatten

In Farming Simulator 19 will placeables, like buildings and animal pens, affect the ground. When you place stuff on the map, the land will adjust itself to fit whatever you’re putting on it.

The ground will elevate or lower.

Smart people have already figured out how this function can be used to flatten the terrain. This is what they’re doing:

  1. They buy a placeable building or an object.
  2. They place it on the ground.
  3. Then they go into the garage and sell the placeable.

This leaves them with some nice, flat ground. But at a cost. Buying and selling object or buildings like this will make you lose some of your hard earned money…

Free Landscaping Mod

Now it’s possible to make terrain adjustments cost free. Thanks to a nice mod from LS Gaming Ordaton.

Ordaton has made a Ground Leveler mod. It works as a placeable. But it doesn’t cost money. You can use it to prepare your ground for buildings by leveling it. It can also be used to reset the ground, but only the textures: It won’t reset the current terrain elevation.

This is how it works:

1. Go to an area of your map that you want to level.

Screenshot by Boddi

2. Open the shop. Go to Placeables -> Miscellaneous

Screenshot by Boddi

3. Pick one and place it.

Screenshot by Boddi

Now you have a nice flat area. The area stays flat, while the texture remains if you choose to sell the Leveler from the garage.

Screenshot by Boddi

Important: Just place and sell one leveler at the time. I had trouble selling them after placing more than one of them. This might be a bug…

Do you want to restore the ground to grass texture? Then you can use one of the two restoration planes. Just remember to place and then sell one at the time.

Screenshot by Boddi

Warning: I like this mod. Ordaton is onto something. But it isn’t very accurate. It won’t always let you restore the ground texture, for example.

This is why you should a) turn off autosave, and b) save your game before you start playing around with this mod.

You can download the Ground Leveler mod from Ordaton’s Facebook Page.

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