Fliegl Low Loader Semi-Trailer

It's easy to operate. And it look cooll!

Fliegl’s Low Loader is back… Screenshot by Boddi

There’s only one Low Loader in the base Farming Simulator 19 game. I have nothing against the Goldhofer. But it’s nice to have a smaller, more flexible option, as well.

Thanks to HmmR modding, we do.

HmmR modding has converted the Fliegl Low Loader semi-trailer, seen in both FS15 and FS17. Not only is the trailer a conversion. The modder has added stuff to it also.

Most impressive is the dynamic houses. They attach automatically when you hook up the trailer, let’s say to a truck. That is a really nice touch. (I don’t think those connectors are what you’ll see on a real-life Fliegl though…)

More Realism

The low loader moves naturally when you drive stuff onto it.

Is also like how the trailer moves up and down when you drive vehicles and tools onto it. Try and drive a wheel loader onto it, and you’ll notice how the back of the trailer get’s pushed down, while the front raises slightly.

That’s cool.

The Fliegl Low Loader for FS19 is a well done mod. The textures look good. And the extra added lights make it a great looking tool for most of your transportation needs. And before you ask: Yes it has straps.

(Update 10. December 2018) The modder has added a couple of features to the semi-trailer:

  • You can now choose between a two-axle or a three-axle
  • It’s also possible to remove the side skirts from the trailer.

If you have already downloaded the mod, you’ll need to replace the old file with the new one.

Screenshot by Boddi
  • Base Price: 36,000.
  • Color choices: Body and Rims.
  • Wheel Configurations: 3
  • Platform: PC.
  • Not tested in multiplayer

I believe HmmR modding first uploaded the mod to Modhoster. So I’ll be sending you there out of respect for the modder.

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