Fendt 6275 L

When You Need Green

Screenshot by Boddi

Mod Creators: Giants Software, PATR10T

Here’s the Fendt 6275 L harvester FS19 mod. This must be one of the most underappreciated harvesters in the history of the Farming Simulator series. It’s time all FS19 farmers discover this great machinery.

Giants Software did first release it just a couple of days after the launch of FS17. But many players didn’t really take notice. Most went: Oh… Another harvester. Great! On to the next one… It seems the community just forgot about it.

Second Chance in FS19

Luckily the harvester has gotten a second chance to shine. Now as an FS19 mod. Thanks to the modder PATR10T, players have the opportunity to experience one of the better harvester mods this installment will see.

The Fendt 6275 L is just beautiful. The cabin is animated. The controls are illuminated when you turn on the lights. And the model drives like a dream, both on- and off-road, in the fields.

Along with the harvester, you’ll get the Fendt FreeFlow 25 feet header.

The specifics:

  • Base Price: 202,000
  • Horsepower: 306 hp
  • # of engine configurations: 1
  • # of wheel configurations: 2
  • Grain tank capacity: 8,600 L
  • Inceractive Controls: No

FreeFlow 25FT specs:

  • Base price: 49,500
  • Working width: 7,6 meters

You can download the mod from Mega. This is the modder’s original link.

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