Felsbrunn Map Edit by PsieCore

Better than the real thing?

Now, that’s a respectable size for a farm – Screenshot by Boddi.

I’ll admit it – I’m lazy. Although I really like the “Build Your Farm” function in Farming Simulator 19, I don’t have the patience to create a beautiful farm starting with nothing. Thank god for modders. Like PsieCore.

Because of PsieCore, I have a great looking and fully functioning farm in Felsbrunn from scratch.

I’ve seen some edits of the German map on various mod sites. This version is easily the best one to date. PsieCore has managed to make a farm that both looks and feels fantastic.

But not only that. He has also added some nice and useful stuff to the map.

Cow Pen Near the Farm

The cow pen is located pretty close to the main farm. It’s easily accessible.

And there are shelters nearby where you can store both vehicles and tools.

Performance Friendly Pig Pen

The pig pen is placed near field 10, somewhat away from the main farm. This helps on performance. Too many animals too close to each other might cause lag on some systems.

Depot for Farming Stuff

You can buy and refill stuff like seeds, fertilizer, and lime from tanks on a designated depot area, not too far away from the farm.

Northeast Parking Area

Sometimes it’s great to have vehicles and equipment parked elsewhere than on the farm for easy access. There’s a large parking area whit sheds, and a fuel tank, near field 4 and 5.

Parking and Grass Storage

More parking… On the other side of the road from the farm, you’ll find more sheds.

And a storage building for stuff like grass and straw.

Other than that, the map layout is pretty much the same as the base game Felsbrunn. Oh, I almost forgot: PsieCore have also added more trees and vegetation to give the map more life. And yes, he has succeeded.

Great Starter Pack

Not bad starting your farming career with these beauties… Screenshot by Boddi

PsieCore has been generous when equipping your farm with starter machinery. Here are just some of the goodies you’ll get when starting out:

  • 2 Pick-up Trucks.
  • Massey Ferguson 5613 Tractor.
  • John Deere 6250 R Tractor.
  • MF Activa 7347 S Harvester.

In addition to this, there’s a lot of equipment like trailers, mowers, fertilizer spreaders, and more, at your immediate disposal. The only stuff I miss, is a plow, a seeder (you already have a planter) and a baler.

It’s a Great FS19 Mod Map

Felsbrunn edited by PsieCore is a very goo map for Farming Simulator 19. I almost feel sorry for saying this. But I enjoy this map more than Giants’ own version (sorry Giants…) The map actually makes me miss the FS15 Bjornholm map less. (Bjornholm is the best base game map in the FS history…)

You’ll need some extra mods to enjoy this Felsbrunn edit fully. These mods are included in the Zip file. This is how you do it:

  1. Download the Zip file to your computer.
  2. Unzip the file and open the folder.
  3. Copy all the files inside the folder to the FS19 mods folder.

There’s just a couple of things that might be improved. The farm and the starter machinery are the same no matter what mode you choose. And the clip distance of some of the added objects is too long. But I doubt this will cause much trouble…

Mod Creators:  PsieCore – Models by Niggels, Rene, Giants Software.

  • Platform: PC
  • Multiplayer Ready: Yes
  • File Size: 342,8 MB

I haven’t been able to locate PsieCore on Facebook. But it seems he uploaded his map edit to LS-Portal. So, here’s the link:

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