Big Bud 747

When you need a lot of power...

Big Bud 747 has finally made it to FS19… Screenshot by Boddi

It’s called the world’s biggest tractor. Now, you can put it to work as an FS19 mod. The mighty Big Bud 747 has returned to Farming Simulator 19 for everyone to enjoy (not just those who bought it with the FS17 Big Bud DLC).

Tractors don’t get bigger than this. The 1,100-horsepower engine let’s you pull anything with great ease. One warning though: Be sure you have enough space for it. Because this tractor needs a lot of it (space, that is) to move.

It eats up a lot of the road. It’s well over 6 meters wide when you put on dual wheels. So maybe it’s an idea to turn off traffic until you’ve driven it to your field.

Just One

There’s only one, real-life Big Bud 747. It was built by Ron Harmon back in 1977. It was purchased by the Rossi Brothers, cotton farmers in Bakersfield, California.

Today, this one of a kind, monstrous machine is owned by the Williams Brothers of Montana. The brothers are using it to cultivate their fields.

The Big Bud FS19 Mod

Now it’s your turn to fire up one of the world’s most famous tractors. You can ask farmers all around the world. Chance is that they all know about it. Even if only one were made.

You have 1,100 horse powers at your disposal. You can choose between single, dual or triple wheel configurations. It’s an articulated tractor. You may have to spend some time inside it to get used to it.

Most of all, it’s a beautiful mod. There have been other Big Bud mods before. But no one compares to this version, made by Giants.

Mod Creators: Giants Software

  • Base Price: 405,000
  • Horsepower: 1,100HP
  • Top Speed: 30 khp
  • # of Wheel Configurations: 3
  • Platform: PC/MAC, PS4, XB1
  • Multiplayer Ready: Yes
  • File Size: 24.42 MB

The FS19 Big Bud is ready to download in the in-game modhub. You’ll also get it by visiting Giants’ website.

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