Big Bud 450

Both rare and powerful

One of the world’s most rare tractors…

The Big Bud 450 FS19 mod is the Big Bud 747’s little brother. Well, “little” is perhaps the wrong word. Because this tractor is massive. And that says much about how big the 747 really is…

Both Big Buds were introduced to the Farming Simulator series in FS17. They were part of the Big Bud paid DLC. Now the 450 (and of course the 747) is free to download for everyone in Farming Simulator 19.

Made by Giants Software

The Big Bud 450 mod is made by Giants. The quality is what most would expect: It’s just brilliant. And there’s also a couple of changes from the FS17 version:

  • There are three wheel configurations: Single tires, wide tires, and (drumroll please…) twin tires.
  • The gas pedal is animated.

The engine sound is massive. And, of course, the model looks quite a lot better now, in FS19.

Rare Tractor

The real-life version of the Big Bud 450 is one of the world’s most rare tractors. According to one source, there were only made just over 20 of them.

Now, that’s something to think about when driving around in the 450 in FS19.

Some of today’s more prominent Big Bud owners and users is the Welker Farms Inc. of North Central Montana. (I know many of you have seen their videos on YouTube. Or even played the Welker Farms FS17 mod map.)

Currently, they have 3 Big Buds:

  • Series 1 N-14 435
  • Series 2 KTA-525
  • Series 3 600/50

And now, you can own the Big Bud 450 for yourself.

Mod Creators: Giants Software

  • Base Price: 225,000
  • Horsepower: 500 HP
  • Top Speed: 30 khp
  • # of Wheel Configurations: 3
  • Platform: PC/MAC, PS4, XB1
  • Multiplayer Ready: Yes
  • File Size: 24.83 MB

You can download the mod from the modhub inside the game. Or by visiting Giants’ website.

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