Bale Transport Trailers

When you have a lot of bales

The bales won’t do any good if they stay in the fields. It’s time to bring them back home to the farm. To make the transportation easier, you can use a bale trailer.

You can choose flatbed trailers, that will carry any kind of bales. Or more specialized trailers, like round bale trailers. Or bale stackers, that only accept square bales.

Below, you’ll find some excellent mods. All of them will ease you bale transportation needs.

Ursus T127 by Giants Software

The Ursus T127 made its Farming Simulator debut in Farming Simulator 2013. The bale loader made it through both FS15 and FS17. Now, in Farming Simulator 19, Giants has made it available as a mod.

It’s convenient, especially when you have a lot of round bales laying around and it’s a long way back to your farm.

The bale loader is very easy to use.

1. Lower the collecting arm and drive up to a bale.

2. The collecting arm picks up the bale automatically.

3. The bales are arranged automatically on the platform.

When you’ve collected 8 bails, it’s time to unload them. The unloading function makes it easy to place two neat bale stacks with great precision.

It’s a really nice mod. With great functionality. It will save you the hazzle of using a round bale handler, not to mention how it will save you a lot of time.

The loader doesn’t require much engine power from the tractor to work. I’ll guess it will do the job even when you’re using one the smallest tractors in the game.

Mod credits: Giants Software

Ursus T127 Details:

  • Base Price: £/$/€ 39,000
  • Capacity: 8 round bales
  • # of wheel configurations: 1

You can download it from the in-game Modhub. Or by visting Giants’ Modhub online.

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