It’s time to bring home the bacon, so to speak. After you’ve worked hard to cultivate the soil, planting your crops and taking care of your fields, you’ll be reaping the rewards. It’s time to harvest what you’ve sown.

The obvious choice would be to use a harvester of some sort. But there’s also a lot of tools that will make the harvest go easier. On this page you’ll find many of the best FS19 harvesting mods:

  • Auger Wagons/Grain Carts/Chaser Bins: They allow the harvester to do its thing uninterrupted without having to stop and unload.
  • Trailed potato and sugar beet harvesters: Are a self-propelled root crop harvester too expensive? Then you can use a trailed version.
  • Sugar beet defoliators: A defoliator removes the top from the sugar beet, preparing the crop for harvest.

Fliegl Trailed Overhead Loading Station

Main Modders: Farmer_Andy, Zetor6245. The FS19 version of the Fliegl overloading station. Just dump your material into the tray. An auger conveyor then transports the goods into a waiting trailer. Download here.

Krone Cargo Overloader Trailer

Main Modders: Bullgore, Farming Pics by Chiko. Here’s the Krone Cargo overloader trailer for FS19. It’s based on the real-life Krone BiG X Cargo prototype, that never saw production. Download from FSPBC on Facebook.